Quick Silver Key Machine Code Cutter and Key Duplicator 7000QS

Quick Silver Key Machine Code Cutter and Key Duplicator 7000QS

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It will rapidly become your favorite key machine.
You've seen dozens of top-ten lists, but how many will save you 1,000s of dollars? QuickSilver was designed with the input of Security Specialists worldwide in order to create the ideal machine to meet and exceed your basic key generating needs. Now enhanced by HPC, you will find that the QuickSilver can rapidly become your favorite key machine. And here's just some of the reasons why.
#10 QuickSilver is a stand-alone key machine. There is no need to connect it to your PC. It's powered by it's own computerized tablet that allows you to cut and copy keys quickly and easily through a series of easy-to-follow fully illustrated screens. But you can connect it to your PC to download even more codes or your master-key system. Seems like there is no end to what this machine will do for you.

#9 Built in key de-burring brush, illuminated loading area and shield. It's the small added features like these that will rapidly make QuickSilver your favorite key machine. These are the type of features that are sometimes overlooked on more expensive machines but are truly desired by security specialists to get the job done quicker and more professionally.

#8 Extensive internal database featuring over 1,600 DSD (Depth and Space Data) numbers and the ability to search by HPC and other manufacturer card numbers. Plus search by Automotive, Residential, Commercial your Favorites. We are constantly striving to make QuickSilver the easiest-to-use machine on the market. Start cutting today and tell us how we can make it even easier for you to us.

#7 Powerful and robust fan cooled cutter motor. QuickSilver is powered by a similar motor to the famous HPC Blitz™ and CodeMax®. Its a tried and true, field tested motor that you can count on for years of trouble-free service.

#6 No need to switch cutters for standard Auto or Commercial keys. Equipped with a special single-sided cutter, QuickSilver knows how to mimic all of the popular manufacturer specifications to continually give you accurate cuts, manufacturer to manufacturer without stopping to change cutters.
#5 Strong double-sided jaw with special knurling to securely grip keys. Blanks slipping out of sloppy jaws is never a problem with QuickSilver. These specially designed jaws have a bulldog bite that won't let go and never need over-tightening. You'll love how easy it is to clamp and remove keys.

#4 Auto Calibration for Depth and Spacing. Tired of pulling your hair out trying to recalibrate your machines after your van hits a series of potholes? If it's ever needed, let QuickSilver calibrate itself. All you have to do is insert the calibration key, click through a few screens and let this intelligent machine do the rest. It really is that easy.

#3 Ability to cut by code and duplicate. If cutting by code wasn't enough, QuickSilver will impress you with it's electronic touch that will read the depths of an inserted key so you can cut a new one to factory specs. Ne need to make duplicates of worn duplicates when you're backed with this type of technology.

#2 Rapid cutting cycle. You probably won't need to cut that key in 4 seconds or less, but it's nice to know that, based on HPC testing, you can. With a machine this fast, the slowest part of cutting keys will be loading and unloading blanks. But don't let the speed scare you. With cutting integrity as your number 1 concern, QuickSilver allows you to adjust the cutting speed, faster or slower, depending on your needs.

And the #1 reason for purchasing QuickSilver is because it is extremely affordable. Don't spend $6,000, $8,000, $10,000 or more on a machine that claims to do everything QuickSilver can. Order your QuickSilver and start enjoying the profits right away!