T80 Plus Cloning Chip

T80 Plus Cloning Chip

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Fits the ILCO Look Alike Key Shells and the Electronic Modular Head GTH80.  Works with some keys for the Toyota vehicles that require the T128C transponder.

Ilco T80 Plus Wedge Chip - The latest cloning solution for Megamos Crypto ID48 and Ford Texas Instruments 80 bit transponders - AX00010940
The first worldwide transponder cloning solution for most Ford®, Hyundai® and Kia® models that are using TI 80 bit transponders. You can now provide cloning and/or pre-coding for Ford®, Hyundai®, Kia®, Toyota®, and Subaru® keys.

• Clone approximately 97% of all vehicles worldwide using 80 bit transponders
• Pre-set 80 bit transponders for Subaru; ready for programming with a diagnostic device
• Simple read/write cloning process; Snoop or going to the vehicle is NOT required
• Less than 5 minutes average cloning time

What you need:

• T80 Plus Transponder compatible with Ilco Look-Alike® key shells, Smart4Car™ keys, original keys and/or GTHT80 Plus modular head (utilizes existing EB3 modular blades)
• RW5, RW4 Plus, or Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus with M-Box
• FREE software update (Version 04.06.091 or higher)
• Internet connection required; fixed internet connection or hotspot function via smartphone/ tablet.