Here are a few testimonials on the Foley-Belsaw Locksmithing Course:

I am a veteran with a disability and I inquired at Foley Belsaw to see if I could be accommodated by taking the professional locksmithing and advanced locksmithing courses by mail. I'm happy to say I was able to complete both courses by mail and graduated recently from Foley Belsaw with an 86.4 GPA.
The study guides tools instructions and guidance that the instructor gave made it easy to complete the program. I am now a Certified Locksmith and can practice in the trade. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to pursue their dream of becoming a Professional Locksmith.
T.W.Waters U.S. Navy Veteran

Foley Belsaw 🔐 Locksmith Graduate 🎓"Started Locksmithing in 1998, taking your courses. It's been a great small business for me in a town of 4600 being the only locksmith. What a great choice I made back then.  Thank you."
Michael Strohbusch,

"Awesome, thank you so much! You guys are the hands-down best course I've taken."
Russell McCay, Birmingham, AL

"This company and course has made a big difference in my life and I have made a good living working as a locksmith for a contractor for the past 33 years."


Tommy Evans
Aiken SC

"Hi... I took your locksmithing and advanced locksmithing and masterkeying courses a number of years ago. Loved them. You guys are awesome. I have really benefitted from the knowledge and skills learned."

Ricky Campbell
Denver CO

Greetings from St Lucia. We are located in the West Indies or the Caribbean. We, VINCENT, VINCENT, VINCENT AND VINCENT EDGARS' LOCKSMITH SERVICES, of which I am the Managing Director and a graduate of your prestigious institution thirty five years ago, would like to purchase some tools and accessories from you. The other three Vincents are all my sons.

Thanks again for Foley Belsaw Company for allowing me to be my own boss and as a result causing two generations of mine and within the five years a third generation to be self employed."


" I am thrilled to inform you that way back I enrolled in your great Locksmith course and I have never been more happy.  Everything you state in your course and advertising is accurate with one exception.  The money you can make is underestimated, of course, I would have done the same.

I started the course and ran out of materials fast and paid the balance of the course so I could get lessons quicker.  I finished the course in less than a month.

I have been a Locksmith for over 40 years now, and I am 71 and still going great guns.  After only three years, my part time job exceeded my full time job being an Electronic Technician with a Fortune 500 Company.  After I quit and went full time Locksmithing, I made over a million dollars, and that was with no employees.  I owe all that to you.

So, I just had to write to thank you for giving me such a lucrative career.  please feel free to use all or parts of my letter whenever or wherever you wish forever."

-- Dave Fairbrother, A Good Locksmith, Milwaukee, WI


"I am a Proud Foley Belsaw Graduate.  I took the course in the early ‘70s. It has changed my life.  At least it has allowed me to enter a profession that I would have otherwise overlooked.

“Why take the Foley Belsaw Course?” I would explain it in this way. You can work as a locksmith for fifty years, and be as smart as any locksmith in the country, but you can only become a “Certified Locksmith” by completing a standard course in locksmithing from an accredited training school. Our signage reads “Certified-Bonded Locksmiths.” If you want to work here, you will have to become Certified. The course will not make you a locksmith, but it will train you in the “basics” of the many facets of the trade. Experience will allow you to grow and hone your skills to ... “become” a locksmith. The course is an absolutely necessary (required) “starting point."

--Robert Sieveking, Owner of Lock Doctor and Author of several locksmithing books as well as countless articles for The National Locksmith magazine and other trade publications


"The most exciting lesson so far. This is a great course. But every lesson is informative and well put together."
-- Jeff Jenkins......from down under.
    Thrumster, New South Wales, Australia


“Taking the course was the best thing I’ve ever done. I would encourage a lot more people to take the course,” he proudly says.

Today, Mike is the owner of ArkLaTex Locksmiths. His business is booming, and the success keeps coming just like the calls he receives for help over his special police radio. Local sheriff departments call on Mike frequently to assist motorists who have locked themselves out of their vehicles.

Mr. Rayburn recently purchased a van that was already outfitted with racks and a cage and quickly turned it into a mobile money-maker. Now equipped with a power converter, a key machine and other tools of the trade, Mike provides his services over a huge area covering the borders of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. It’s been a real business getter. Recently a fellow motorist spotted Mike’s van at a stop sign. He asked Mike where he could get keys made. “Right here!” Mike exclaimed. He pulled over and made the keys on the side of the road! He’s so busy, he has to buy a second van to keep up with his business.

And on two occasions, Mr. Rayburn’s skills have even made him the hero!

“I got an emergency call one day that an 18 month-old baby had been locked in her mother’s car. I arrived on the scene and was able to unlock the vehicle fairly quickly - even before the sheriff arrived” he said with a modest smile.
Mike has used his locksmithing skills to rescue babies, to help truckers locked out of their big rigs, and recently helped a Boys & Girls Club by bringing their facility up to snuff when he re-keyed their entire building and repaired the building’s emergency exits.

“The best part,” Mike said, “is feeling the satisfaction of helping someone out – especially when there’s a baby involved. There’s no other word for it than exhilarating!”

Mike Rayburn is one of thousands of successful students and graduates who has built his skills through Foley-Belsaw’s unique easy-to-learn professional courses. If you’re a Foley-Belsaw success story, please contact us. We want to tell your story. If you want to become a Foley-Belsaw success, please contact us. We’re here to help you succeed.

--Mike Rayburn, Haynesville, LA


“My business is already so big I had to hire two extra men. The course paid for itself many times over with part-time work.”

--E. L. Boyle
Student #56247

“Take the Foley-Belsaw course, it will be fun and you will learn a lot!”

--Charles D. Wyatt, Jr. CML, CMS
President & CEO
A-Action Lock & Safe, Co.

“I checked other courses and chose Foley-Belsaw because you offered the Micrometer Key machine and Code Cutter. But from my standpoint, the factor of greatest value was the personal interest you took in my progress and in helping me to be a success.”

--Roy A. Petet
Student #02657

“I didn’t realize how easy it is to repair locks. Thanks to the Foley-Belsaw classes, it’s simple. I graduated in just 6 months studying at home at night. I’d recommend the Foley-Belsaw Institute to anyone who wants to learn the profession.

--Tomas Castillo
Student #96634