Commercial Locksmithing Correspondence Course
Commercial Locksmithing Correspondence Course

Commercial Locksmithing Correspondence Course

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Here is a chance to expand your knowledge of commercial locksmithing with 8 complete lessons with 8 exams and diploma certification. These advanced lessons include:
  1. Door Closers
  2. Panic Bars & Exit Devices & Life Safety Codes
  3. Basic Electrical Components
  4. Using a Multimeter
  5. Electric Strikes
  6. Electromagnetic Locks
  7. Electronic Access Control Devices
  8. Master Key Systems
This course will help you to continue your education and grow as a locksmith. These advanced lessons on commercial locksmithing are important because what a locksmith does on a commercial building can have serious life-or-death consequences. Doors and locking devices on assembly buildings in the United States are subject to Life Safety Codes, Building Codes, and the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act. It is important for you to know what hardware is available for commercial buildings and, more importantly, if you can legally install or modify a locking device or an access control system on certain doors. Please note that knowledge on these subjects are required to obtain licensing from certain states. This course may also earn you continuing education credits in your state. Check with your state locksmithing approval board for more details.This is a correspondence course completed through the mail. There is an online version available as well.