Advanced Master Keying Online Course with Printed Text Book

Advanced Master Keying Online Course with Printed Text Book

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The Advanced Master Keying Course is the perfect course for locksmiths that want to take their skills to the next level by truly understanding Master Keying.  Hospitals, universities, school districts, prisons, and other large institutions need locksmiths that not only know how to master key but also understand how to manage existing master key systems.  The course includes a printed textbook and certification. 
This course includes 26 lessons and exams:

Lesson 1 The Language of Master Keying
Lesson 2 Master Keying, What Is It?
Lesson 3 Creating Level 2 Master Key Systems
Lesson 4 Creating Level 3 Master Key Systems
Lesson 5 Creating Level 4 Master Key Systems

Lesson 6 Creating Level 5 Master Key Systems
Lesson 7 Single Increment Progression
Lesson 8 Checking Your Master Key Systems
Lesson 9 The Planned Destruction of Security
Lesson 10 Sub-Master Keys

Lesson 11 Modifying a Standard Progression to Obtain more Bittings
Lesson 12 Obtaining Change Keys under the Grand Master Key
Lesson 13 Rotating Constant Progression
Lesson 14 Chain Keying
Lesson 15 Obtaining Additional Bittings

Lesson 16 Decoding a Master Key System
Lesson 17 Cross Keying or Keyed Common
Lesson 18 Management and Maintenance
Lesson 19 Schlage Single Increment Progression
Lesson 20 Dexter Single Increment Progression

Lesson 21 Master Keying Best I-Core Locks
Lesson 22 Master Keying Sargent I-Core Locks
Lesson 23 Master Keying Corbin-Russwin I-Core Locks
Lesson 24 Corbin Russwin Master Ring Cylinders
Lesson 25 Master Keying Schlage LFIC Locks
Lesson 26 Master Keying Medeco I-Core Locks