RW4 Plus Transponder Key Cloner with Snoop and Key Kit

RW4 Plus Transponder Key Cloner with Snoop and Key Kit

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The RW4 Plus, professional locksmith tool, clones standard fixed code transponders, as well as TI, Philips (NXP) encrypted transponders and Texas® 80 bit (Toyota G) transponders without the use of an internet connection. Add the M-Box (this will require internet connection) to the RW4 Plus and clone Megamos (ID48) encrypted transponders also. All the ID48 keys are high Security type. This cloning Machine has the capability to cover approximately 95% of the vehicles using transponder keys on the road today. View Application chart available at

In addition to cloning, the RW4 Plus will generate code for 35 different fixed code and encrypted transponders. The RW4 Plus tool can also be used in conjunction with the ADC-243 cable to automatically transfer precoded key data to the Smart Pro, TCode Pro, or MVP Pro units on certain Dodge, Fiat, and VW vehicles. These capabilities are unmatched when comparing other cloning tools.  Includes a starter pack of modular electronic keys to fit most vehicles.

Included with your purchase:
(1) RW4 Plus Key Cloner w/ Snoop
(4) GTI Multi Transponder Chips
(3) T80 DST80 Read/Write Transponder Chips
(1 ) HO03-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(1) MAZ24-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(2) TOY43-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(1) H72-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(2) H84-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(2) NI02-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(2) B111-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell 
(2) Y160-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(1) TOY48-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell 
(2) HU100-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(3) Y164-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell
(1) MIT8TE-GTS GTI Look Alike Shell

Dimensions: 9.5” W x 6.5”D x 3.25” H
(24.1 cm X 16.5 cm X 8.26 cm)
Weight: .61 lbs (.27 Kg)