Framon #2 Code Machine Complete Package FRA2

Framon #2 Code Machine Complete Package FRA2

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Recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate & durable code machine available! The #2 allows you to originate almost any cylinder key in use today. including:
  • Standard Cylinder
  • Domestic Automotive
  • Foreign Automotive
  • Motorcycle Keys
  • Padlock Keys
  • Letterbox Keys
  • Safety Deposit Box Keys
  • Interchangeable Core:
  • High Security Keys
  • Tibbe 6 & 8 wafer keys can be cut with an optional vise fixture

The Framon Depth & Space Manual is the core of the Framon #2. The manual contains: Over 900 cylinder key charts, 18 letterbox charts, and 32 safety deposit box charts.

Here’s everything you get when you buy the #2 Code Machine Complete Package:
#2 Code Machine
  • GCODE Genericode Code Retrieval Program
  • F2MS350 Depth & Space Manual
  • F2MS451 6” Dial Calipers
  • FC8445 Standard Cutter
  • FC8615 Medeco Cutter
  • DCMS410 Brass Shim
  • F2MS552 Spacing Clip
  • F2MS402 1/8” Allen Wrench
  • F2MSSB1 #1 Spacing Block
  • F2MSSB2 #2 Spacing Block
  • F2MSSB3 #3 Spacing Block
  • F2MSSB4 #4 Spacing Block
  • F2MSSB5 #5 Spacing Block
  • F2MSSB6 #6 Spacing Block

  • Accuracy: .0005”, The most accurate Code Cutter on the Market!
  • Straight-In Feed: The #2 utilizes a straight-in feed approach. The straight-in feed of the #2 provides a perpendicular cut at the root of the key.
  • Rugged & Durable: The #2 is made from heat treated aluminum and steel. There are no small gears to strip out and no plastic parts to wear out.
  • Cuts Keys By Measurement…..Unequalled Accuracy & Simple To Do. The #2 utilizes actual space & depth information to cut keys. You simply use the handwheels to dial in the Spacing and Depth you want, and use the lever to infeed the key into the cutter. After a little practice, you will be code cutting keys in less than a minute.