Framon TKM-100 Tubular Key Machine

Framon TKM-100 Tubular Key Machine

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Framon’s TKM-100 is known throughout the industry as the foremost machine in tubular key cutting. Everything you need to originate almost any tubular key in use today is included with the TKM-100:

TKMS451 Dial Indicator
F2MS899 Demonstration Video
TKSH107 Chicago/Dynalock/Unican Cam
TKSH109 Fort/American Cam
TKMS102 Ace Spacing Plate
TKMS103 Offset Right Plate
TKMS104 Offset Left Plate
TKMS105 National Keyset Plate
TKMS106 Ace Change-a-Matic Plate
TKMS107 Segal 8 Pin Plate
TKMS108 Universal Spacing Plate
F2MS402 1/8″ Allen Wrench
ASMS003 3/16″ Allen Wrench
DCMS402 3/32″ Allen Wrench

One Collet For All Your Needs….
The TKM-100 features a collet that can accommodate all three size tubular keys. No fumbling with changing jaws or adapters. Simply tighten the chuck closer – the self adjusting collet easily accepts any size key.

Make Any Type Of Cut And Lots Of Them!
With the TKM-100 you can make regular cuts, ward cuts, and master cuts. The machine is equipped with a carbide cutter, which means you can cut brass or steel and get long cutter life.

Why Code Cut When You Can Duplicate?
Probably more than any other type of key, a tubular key wears very quickly. Due to the constant pressure on the face of the key, even original keys can be off .003″ – .005″! By using a duplicator to make a key, an inaccurate copy of a worn key is being made. When you use the TKM-100 to code cut a key, you’ll be making an original key, accurate to .001″. A precision dial indicator is included with the machine, and decoding takes only a few seconds.