Institutional Locksmithing Online Course with 9180MC Power Speedex Key Machine

Institutional Locksmithing Online Course with 9180MC Power Speedex Key Machine

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The Institutional Locksmithing Course is the perfect course for hospitals, universities, school districts, prisons, and other large institutions that need to train their new employees as locksmiths.  It is also perfect for the new locksmith that wants to work in the commercial and institutional sector.  This course includes all the lessons you need, including Professional Locksmithing, Commercial Locksmithing, and Advanced Master Keying.  It includes the locks, keys, and supplies that come with the hands-on training for the professional locksmith course.  It also includes 5 Printed Text Books and the heavy duty HPC 9180MC Power Speedex Key Duplicating machine.  Save $100.00 off the individual prices.

Lesson 1 The Key Blank Catalog
Lesson 2 Key Identification
Lesson 3 How to Duplicate Flat Keys
Lesson 4 How to Duplicate Bit & Barrel Keys
Lesson 5 How to Duplicate Cylinder Keys

Lesson 6 Warded Lock Construction
Lesson 7 Making Keys by Impression for Warded Locks
Lesson 8 Warded Bit Key Locks
Lesson 9 Resettable Padlock Construction
Lesson 10 Lever Tumbler Locks

Lesson 11 Wafer Tumbler Locks
Lesson 12 Combination Locks
Lesson 13 Automobile Lock Servicing
Lesson 14 GM Sidebar Lock Construction
Lesson 15 Automotive Lock Removal

Lesson 16 Pin Tumbler Lock Construction & Fitting
Lesson 17 Keying Pin Tumbler Locks Alike
Lesson 18 Picking Pin Tumbler Locks
Lesson 19 Chicago Ace Lock
Lesson 20 Key-in-Knob Data

Lesson 21 Car Opening and Lockouts
Lesson 22 Car Opening Tools & Techniques
Lesson 23 Pin Tumbler Master Key System
Lesson 24 Master Keying Pin Tumbler Locks
Lesson 25 Impression Pin Tumbler Locks

Lesson 26 Understanding Interchangeable Core Locks
Lesson 27 Servicing and Rekeying the Best I-Core Lock
Lesson 28 Emhart Interlocking Pin Tumbler Cylinders
Lesson 29 The Profile Cylinder
Lesson 30 Key Bumping

Lesson 31 Dimple Cylinders and Keys
Lesson 32 Double-Bitted Cam Locks
Lesson 33 Lock Pick Guns
Lesson 34 Schlage Primus Lock
Lesson 35 Key Machines

Lesson 36 Setting Up a Key Board
Lesson 37 Reading Wafer Tumbler Locks
Lesson 38 Cutting Automotive Keys by Code
Lesson 39 Transponder, Electronic, and VATS Keys
Lesson 40 Kwikset Cylinder
Lesson 41 Kwikset SmartKey Cylinder

Lesson 42 Safe Deposit Box Locks
Lesson 43 Opening Safe Deposit Boxes
Lesson 44 Making the First Key and Door Repair

Lesson 45 Safe and Vault Locks
Lesson 46 Basic Operating Principles of Safe Locks
Lesson 47 Hole Type Combination Changes
Lesson 48 Key Change Combination
Lesson 49 Combination Lock Theory

Lesson 1 Door Closers
Lesson 2 Panic Bars and Exit Devices
Lesson 3 Electric Strikes
Lesson 4 Electromagnetic Locks
Lesson 5 Access Control Devices
Lesson 6 Master Keyed Systems
Glossary Commercial Door and Hardware Glossary

Lesson 1 The Language of Master Keying
Lesson 2 Master Keying, What Is It?
Lesson 3 Creating Level 2 Master Key Systems
Lesson 4 Creating Level 3 Master Key Systems
Lesson 5 Creating Level 4 Master Key Systems

Lesson 6 Creating Level 5 Master Key Systems
Lesson 7 Single Increment Progression
Lesson 8 Checking Your Master Key Systems
Lesson 9 The Planned Destruction of Security
Lesson 10 Sub-Master Keys

Lesson 11 Modifying a Standard Progression to Obtain more Bittings
Lesson 12 Obtaining Change Keys under the Grand Master Key
Lesson 13 Rotating Constant Progression
Lesson 14 Chain Keying
Lesson 15 Obtaining Additional Bittings

Lesson 16 Decoding a Master Key System
Lesson 17 Cross Keying or Keyed Common
Lesson 18 Management and Maintenance
Lesson 19 Schlage Single Increment Progression
Lesson 20 Dexter Single Increment Progression

Lesson 21 Master Keying Best I-Core Locks
Lesson 22 Master Keying Sargent I-Core Locks
Lesson 23 Master Keying Corbin-Russwin I-Core Locks
Lesson 24 Corbin Russwin Master Ring Cylinders
Lesson 25 Master Keying Schlage LFIC Locks
Lesson 26 Master Keying Medeco I-Core Locks