The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation Book

The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation Book

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Safe Lock Manipulation is the art of opening locked safe containers without drilling. By understanding the mechanical actions of the lock, the gates in the wheels can be found and placed under the fence, to allow the lock to open.

This book takes the form of a home study course. The chapters are arranged as lessons, that lead the student from the most basic understanding of the wheel lock, to mastery of manipulation. Questions at the end of each chapter, test your understanding of the material covered, and give special emphasis to the most important concepts.

Actual manipulations are shown, that illustrate openings of: the spring fence lock, the friction fence lock, the direct entry lock, the Star push down lock, and Mosler false gate plastic wheel type lock. (Using false gates to your advantage.) Actual manipulations are used to illustrate the various techniques used to manipulate the different types of safe locks.

Many technical illustrations and full explanations.

8 1/2 x 11 perfect bound, 134 pages
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