39E966 Steel Key Bag of 10 Paper Towel Dispenser

39E966 Steel Key Bag of 10 Paper Towel Dispenser

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This durable replacement "double key" has two separate keys and fits all Georgia Pacific (GP) paper towel dispensers as well as other manufacturers such as San Jamar and Cormatic. This key is nearly universal with the ability to open new Enmotion and Sofpul dispensers to older more vintage models. This key opens them all. Each key has a key ring hole.

Metal Skeleton/Cormatic Combo Key
These pack of the Skeleton/Cormatic Combo Key are perfect for janitorial contractors, building maintenance professionals, Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Schools & Universities as well as on-site managers of multi-unit office buildings.

The Skeleton/Cormatic Combo Key (GP - #50504), is the newest addition to the long list of Georgia Pacific dispenser keys. This "New" key configuration combines the traditional Skeleton Dispenser Key (GP - #50401) together with the Cormatic Dispenser Keys (GP - #50408 & #50431), to form the "New" Skeleton/Cormatic Combo Key. Individually each of these keys has a long list of dispensers they operate. Now, in the new "Combo" format the list of paper towel, roll towel, C-fold/Multi-fold towels and bath tissue dispensers that this "New" Combo key is associated with is huge.

In addition, after forming the new Skeleton/Cormatic Combo Key, Georgia Pacific discontinued producing the Cormatic Dispenser Key and also the Cormatic Short Dispenser Key. Most likely there are still many of these old Cormatic keys in use today, but new keys are not being produced. All orders placed with Georgia Pacific and also Dispenser Keys for the old style Cormatic Dispenser Keys will be substituted with this new Skeleton/Cormatic Combo Key. This key also works on many of the Former Fort Howard, Fort James and James River Dispensers.