Peterson Long Ripple Pick LR-GSP-HD **SPECIAL BUY**

Peterson Long Ripple Pick LR-GSP-HD **SPECIAL BUY**

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Peterson's robust Gov Steel Long Ripple offered in a Rubber Handle. These high durometer rubber handles are molded over a full length Government Steel shank. This series of premium quality picks is the first choice of many professionals in the commercial and government sectors. 

Because of the height reduction behind the rippled profile, (handle side) there is a tendency to encounter the "it broke" syndrome if you use this pick aggressively like perhaps you would use a double rake. Even though we reduced the drop to make them stronger they will break with aggressive action.

However, I myself love them, AND I don’t break them. The reason is that I don’t use them as you would a standard rake; instead, I use the as a precursor tool.

With some light turning tool pressure I walk back and forth across the pins several times as if I was crushing grapes to make wine. Remember the objective in crushing grapes is just to crush the fruit; but not the seeds!

What I have now accomplished is I have set about half of the pins. I am not usually able to set them all because the ripples don’t reach high and low enough to pick all locks. Then I take my favorite hook or my diamond picks and set the last pins: wow it opened! And it actually opened faster than if I used my second tool alone…