Swift Plus Duplicator Machine for laser, dimple and tubular keys

Swift Plus Duplicator Machine for laser, dimple and tubular keys

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Swift Plus is an economical, entry level mechanical key cutting machine for the duplication of laser, dimple, and tubular keys. Lightweight and compact, this model is ideal for mobile use or where counter space is limited.

The Swift Plus is practical, durable and comfortable to use. An integrated work light allows cuts to be clearly seen and traced. The lockable carriage prevents unwanted movements during transport. A replaceable jaw surface allows for quick maintenance and increased longevity. Quality construction and resistant materials ensure reliable and quality cutting results for years.


Convenient built-in accessory tray on hood
Spring loaded tracer point and nickel-plated adjustment ring provides for accurate calibration of dimple keys
HSS TiN coated cutters for wear resistance and longevity
Lockable carriage/table for dimple keys and prevents movement during transport
Replaceable jaw surface on cutter side provides for an economical repair
Technical Data:

Power Supply: 120V/50-60Hz, 1.7 Amp, 240 Watt
Motor: .2 hp, single phase and speed, 6000 rpm (+/-10%)
Movement: Three axes via rod and bushings
Carriage Runs: X axis: .95” (24mm), Y axis: 2” (50mm), Z vertical axis: .87” (22mm)

Width: 10.2” (260 mm)
Depth: 11.2” (285 mm)
Height:12.4” (315 mm)
Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)

Standard Accessories:
Laser Keys:
Cutter: FE04 2.5 mm (D741433ZB)
Tracer: TE04 2.5 mm (D741432ZB)
Adapters for narrow bladed keys used
on VW®, Audi®, Saab® (D749778ZB)

Dimple Keys:
Cutter: FE01 0.65 mm (D741127ZB)
Tracer: TE01 0.65 mm (D741128ZB)

Tubular Keys:
Cutter: FE07 (D741439ZB)
Tracer: TE07 (D741438ZB)

Optional Accessories:
Cutter: FE05 1.8 mm (D741435ZB)
Tracer: TE05 1.8 mm (D741434ZB)
Adapter: Mercedes® narrow blade keys (D749777ZB)