The National Locksmith Guide: Door Lock Encyclopedia Book

The National Locksmith Guide: Door Lock Encyclopedia Book

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This is an illustrated encyclopedic reference of standard cylindrical lock sets.

The first 40 pages are a primer to the new locksmith, covering topics from key cut-selection, to troubleshooting, to the the recommended service procedures for all pin tumbler lock cylinders.

The second section of the book contains detailed photographs and illustrations that show how to disassemble and reassemble all listed lock sets and deadbolts. Depth and space information, along with pin lengths and driver lengths, where specified, are given for all listed manufacturers. Instructions for servicing Schlage hotel cylinders and Schlage wafer tumbler lock sets is included.

The Door Lock Encyclopedia is a Handy reference for the working locksmith and the beginning locksmith alike. Written as a training reference for new locksmiths.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 218 pages
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