The National Locksmith Guide to Picking and Impressioning

The National Locksmith Guide to Picking and Impressioning

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This is an illustrated instruction in the arts of picking and impressioning

It is a short winded, profusely illustrated and exhaustive manual of technique. Pin tumbler, wafer tumbler, lever tumbler, push key, warded, and tubular type locks are covered. Many specific methods of picking are defined and discussed, showing the tools and methods that work.

Impression tools and specific methods for impressioning pin and wafer lock cylinders is covered in the impression section. Actual photographs of the key being impressioned, will give the reader a better understanding of what to look for when impressioning various types of locks. Microscopic enlargements of the impression marks are given to further define impressioning. This is a book that covers the topic better than any other books I have seen. It contains many methods and techniques not found in any other reference.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 155 pages