Y52 997E Box of 50 Brass Key Blanks

Y52 997E Box of 50 Brass Key Blanks

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Y52 Box of 50 Brass Key Blanks. Fits some Yale utility locks.  Same as ILCO 997E.  Also available in bags of 10 997E Nickel Plated Key Blanks.

997E Y52 Nickel Plated Brass Key Blanks. Fits some Yale utility locks. Also available as a Box of 50 Y52 Plain Brass Key Blanks.

Alpha: Various padlocks and file cabinet locks.
American Devices: Various padlocks.
Belwith: Various padlocks.
Buffalo: Various padlocks.
Chateau: Various padlocks.
Cisa: Various padlocks.
Emtek: Various products.
First Watch: Various products.
Hard: Various padlocks.
Harp:Various products.
Hon: Various products.
Ideal Security: Various products.
Ludell: Various padlocks.
Lyon: Various desk locks.
On Guard: Various padlocks.
Public Storage: Various padlocks.
Rabbit: Various padlocks.
Ronis: Various bike locks.
Spartan: Various products.
Tire Locks: Various models.
Tok: Various products.
Triangle: Various products.
Yale: Various products.
Zaths Bakol: Various tire locks.

Same as:
Axxess 61
Cole Y52
Curtis Y-52, Y52
Dominion 7E
Ilco 997E
Ilco EZ Y52, Y52-BR
Jet Y52
Original E13E3R
Orion YAL12
Silca YA3
Star 5YA6
Taylor 7E